Mow the Lawn?

JOKE: If your child wants to mow the lawn, you know he is too young to do so.

REALITY: Isn’t the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?  When you can’t do something yet, you long to be able to do it.  As a kid, we long to be able to mow the lawn. As teenagers we can’t wait to leave home, but not long after we seem to gravitate back.  Whatever our neighbor has looks great … until we get one, too, and then we notice another neighbor has something else that looks pretty good.

But we already have all the things we need, and whatever age we are is just the right age for us right now.  It is great to have dreams and to work toward them, but not at the expense of missing what we have now…which quite often are the dreams we once longed for.

JOKE: Someday, all kids who can mow will want to, and all who are too young will be happy to wait.



* image by Michael Marcus

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  1. What an interesting perspective. Isn’t it amazing that the “grass is always greener” saying still rings true? I know someone who shops to feel better, but no matter how much she buys (and shows off to others), she’s miserable. If she would take the time to appreciate what she has, she would find happiness for free.

  2. I never wanted to mow the grass. When I was growing up that was men’s work. When I had a yard with foot high johnson grass and no man volunteered to mow it, I had to mow the stuff. I actually liked to cut something down to size. I also liked not having to hear my neighbor tell me about the tiger he saw lurking in my backyard. But when my boy was old enough to do the job, I gratefully relinquished it. Some times I did wish I had my neighbor’s St. Augustine grass, but I always loved my yard just the way it was because it was mine.

  3. I always loved mowing – yet nowadays I have no lawn – I ripped it all up years ago and transformed it into perennial/herbal gardens and veggie gardens!!

  4. my lawn is my life, thank you for your thoughts and ideas! green grass is proof you care dearly for your property!

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