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Random thoughts about smiles

Want to improve your face value? Smile more often. Here are four thoughts about smiles, just in case you need motivation to smile a little more often.  read them.  Enjoy them.  You can even smile at them, if you wish.

When they say someone was “wearing nothing but a smile”, that might be bad news for garment manufacturers, but it is wonderful news for humanity. A smile is the most important thing a person can wear. It is somewhat ironic that so many more people wear clothes than wear smiles. Perhaps we have misplaced priorities.

Be your own florist. You know how flowers brighten up a room? Just like a smile? In fact, flowers also brighten up people’s faces…causing them to smile more, too.

Want to brighten up a room? Smile more, and you will be your own florist.

Smiling Poem
Don’t cry when something is over
Don’t cry for the loss.
Smile because it happened,
Smile for what once was.

If you ever doubted the power of a smile, see this testimony as how much easier it is to make a sale when you smile:

But smiling is not just for making sales.  If a smile can make a sale, imagine how good it can be at making a friend.

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