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Want to feel more energized and less stressed? Perhaps you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen, the TV or some other screen. Here are a few ways to feel energized.

The most obvious is to stop spending so much time in front of a screen. OK, not always practical, but worth a try every now and then.

So get up during commercials or every half hour and stretch.  It’s the least you can do, and it will make your screen time more enjoyable, as well.

In fact, get up and do some aerobic exercise, even just for 30 seconds. Jumping jacks. Dance. Fast-paced push-ups. Skip rope. Run up and down the stairs, as I often do. Anything.

Every few minutes move your eyes away from the screen. Roll your eyes up, to the left, to the right, but most importantly, focus them on something closer and also on something farther than the screen.  In fact, roll your head, as well.  Give your eyes a break and your neck a stretch.

Force a yawn. Stretching your face will boost that energy and reduce that stress.  Stretch it wide and – oops – it’s hard to fake a yawn without a real one coming on.


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