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Never too old!

Are you too old? Well, that depends…

Are you too old to jump? Are you too old to skip? Are you too old to laugh? Are you too old to sing and dance?

Interesting…what would you think if you saw a grown man or woman skipping down the street? Would you scoff that he/she should know better? Would you wish you could to that, too? Would you do that, too? In fact, would that person be you?

Somewhere along the way, we have been told that a grown-up is supposed to act a certain way, and that acting like a child is inappropriate. perhaps during Her Majesty’s coronation ceremony, it might be inappropriate to skip along, but that is a function of occasion more than of age. You are never too old to feel carefree and act just the way you feel.

As for that person skipping down the street…well, occasionally that would be me, so please don’t scoff, because I don’t want to know better.

I am old enough to know that I should eat my vegetables and that shouting in a confined place will disturb other people.  And I am old enough to do the right thing (like actually eating the vegetables and keeping my mouth closed in such situations).  As for jumping, skipping, laughing, singing (off-key, sorry) and dancing… I never want to be too old!

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Social Networking for Self-help

I received an email from Jonathan Cunningham of Let’s Reflect, a social networking website for self help and personal growth.  I was intrigued by this, so I asked for more explanation.  I can’t tell it any better than he does, so here it is in his own words…

To try and sum everything up in as few words as possible….all members have their own blog and thread(forum) connected to their Profile page. The thread provides an area to communicate with your friends and guest. The blog is great for keeping the community updated on your progress…or whatever you want to talk about on your soap box. 😉

(Both the blog and thread are located on the orange toolbar of your Profile page)

There is also a community forum for the website where members go to introduce themselves, talk about current events, or there is a “general” section where they can talk about anything.

My intent with the threads, blogs, and Profile page’s is to make great content sustainable.

Another cool thing is if you come across a great “Reflections” page, you can give it a “Thumbs UP” or “Favorite” it. This allows Users to gain status. When you favorite someone, their avatar is added to a frame on your Profile page titled “Favorite Reflectors”. Basically this section provides quick access to all your friends and other inspirational Reflectors that you want to follow.

(These are located on the orange toolbar of you profile page as well)

There is also a great search function built into the website. You have the option to search by…

1. Location

2. User Name

3. or Keywords

I really like the key words search. You can pin key words to your Profile page so that like minded Reflectors can find you. For instance, these are some of mine…parenting, leadership, success, marriage, sports, coaching…etc

Another cool thing is that you can completely customize/personalize your Profile page. You pick a cool avatar, set a great background image, and select whatever font color you want. It gives us a peak into your personality. 😉

If you decide to join and participate, I would be interested in hearing about your experienced.  Feel free to bookmark this post and return in 3 – 6 – 9 or however many months you wish to report on if/how Let’s reflect has helped you.

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Top 10 nutritious foods

We are blessed with so much variety of foods that we are truly spoiled. But what if that variety suddenly disappeared? What if we were left with just ten foods?

Imagine you were stranded on a desert island and had only 10 foods at your disposal.  For your health you had better hope there was more than cheesecake, chocolate truffles and jelly beans.  Most lists of the world’s top ten most nutritious foods don’t seem to take variety of nutrients across all ten foods into account – the balance between the top ten.  Many of those lists have only fruits and vegetables on them, and occasionally salmon.

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The truth is, it is incredibly hard to choose just ten foods, but these are my picks.

For the record, I am no dietician, but I believe these make a good combination of pretty much all the nutrients we need.  I would love to hear some discussion of this, so please provide some feedback in the comment space below.

  • Broccoli
  • Eggs
  • Salmon
  • Almonds
  • Blueberries
  • Milk (1%)
  • Multigrain bread (kind of cheating, I know)
  • Cantaloupes
  • Garlic
  • Beans (not sure which type, maybe lentils)
  • *

Of course, the reality of being trapped on a desert island would be that you would have mostly fish and leaves to eat, but this is just for fun.

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Now tell me…what ten foods would you choose if you were stranded on your own (And “the buffet” doesn’t count!)
* If I get to choose an 11th food, maybe I would slip in a slice of cheesecake here. After all, you need something to eat with the blueberries.

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Happy Book

Just a quick blog note today to let you know that I am quoted in the new Words to Help You Be Happy in All the Ways That Matter Most book, by Blue Mountain Arts.

This is a quotations book, and I am joined by a number of people you have probably heard of, such as Mary Lou Retton, Victor Hug and Suzanne Somers, as well as fresh, new voices that you have never heard of before (as I imagine I am to most readers of this book).  You can find my quote on page 50 (actually, it is most of page 50).

As you can see, does not yet even have a cover image of the book, so you can be one of the first to pick up a copy.  (The copies do already exist – I am staring at one right now on my desk.)

This handy little book makes a great gift.  I am grateful for having been included.

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Happiness despite circumstances

Happiness can be found wherever you look for it.  For instance, in the Dancer from Khiva.  This is a Russian book, translated into English, about Bibish, who was kidnapped and driven out to the desert to be gang-raped…and life rolls on from there with all the consequences, such as never being able to be married as a result (but she does).  And never being able to dance because dancing is frowned upon in her village (but you know the title of the book!)

There is a more complete review of the book here, but they message for you today is that we all are driven down the road of circumstance, but we all have the option of turning the steering wheel.  Yes, some things happen that really suck.  It is up to you to decide just how badly they will suck and how happy you will choose to be, despite circumstances.

Remember that you cannot change the things that will happen to you.  But you can change how you react to them and you can change how you choose to view them.

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