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School was never this much fun .
Remember suffering through boooooring classes and boooooring teachers in high school and college? Remember wondering when you would ever need to use logarithms or Shakespeare (or dissect cute little froggies!) in the real world? Too bad they didn’t teach something more useful, like the way to happiness.


Here’s what one reader said about Happy Class:
Oh no, I missed Lesson 7.  Can you please re-send it?  I don't want to miss any!  Thanks!

Dianne from Kentucky

Just for fun, let’s see how much you remember from high school:


1. What do you get when you mix two explosive substances?
2. In what year did the “War of 1812” occur?
3. In what country would you find the Great Wall of China?

Well, today is your lucky day. Actually, today is your happy day. Happy Class is in session, so you can learn the way to happiness. And there is no entry fee. In fact, you don’t even have to find the way to school, because school is coming to you. All you have to do is to sign up on this page, and we will deliver each lesson right to your email inbox, one at a time, every second day until you benefit from all nine habits for a happy life. What could be easier?


So what’s in it for me?

Happiness, success, a better life. Here are just a few of the benefits you will find from learning what psychological research has discovered about happiness:

  • People around you will like you more. (There’s a happy thought.)
  • You will like you more. (That’s another happy thought.)
  • You will like your life more. (That’s an even happier thought.)
  • You will actually want to jump up out of bed to greet the day. (WOW! That’s the happiest thought!)

Consider how hard you work for money. Consider how hard you work for love. Consider how hard you work for your kids. Isn’t it time you put the same effort into yourself? That’s what self-actualization is all about, and a life of daily happiness is the prize.


I get to be happier? At no charge?
And I don’t even have to leave the house?

Exactly. Best of all, the course is short. No long, heavy e-mails that take all morning to download and all afternoon to read. Short, crisp and useful, with just the right amount of motivation (We all need that extra kick in the caboose sometimes, don’t we?).

And as a BONUS, you can opt in for A Daily Dose of Happiness in your inbox every morning to turbo-charge your day! Sign up now for the first course that’s about your happiness.

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P.S.. The sooner you learn the nine habits of Happy Class, the sooner you can find your own way to happiness, joy, contentment and all the good things in a happy life. Sign up today and start winning the only game that counts … your life.


ANSWERS TO QUIZ ABOVE: 1. Nothing. The explosion would wipe you out.
2. 1812.
3. China.

If you got all these answers wrong, you obviously were VERY bored in high school and were probably voted “most likely to sleep through life.” Even if you got them all right, when did you ever need to know about the War of 1812? You are probably thirsty for a more exciting and meaningful class — Happy Class. Sign up now and get on the road to happiness.

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