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You have to find happiness from within. It’s a process of self-actualization. But sometimes it is nice to hear something inspirational, like a happiness quote. A testimonial is a happiness quote. A rave review is the ultimate happiness quote. That is why we are pleased to share these rave reviews for David Leonhardt as a motivational keynote speaker and as a trainer, and for his motivational self-help book on happiness.

Testimonials for David Leonhardt, The Happy Guy


“I express my gratitude to all those who have shared such positive feedback with me, including many who are not on this page. It brings me happiness to know I have touched so many people and shared my personal joy with them. I am pleased to share each happiness quote with you.”


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Critical acclaim for
Climb your Stairway to Heaven:
the 9 habits of maximum happiness

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Midwest Book Review loves it:
"Climb your Stairway to Heaven is enthusiastic, original, uplifting, motivating, and highly recommended ..."

Carleton University Magazine says:
"Climb your Stairway to Heaven combines useful advice and psychological science with a provocative, entertaining and interactive writing style."

MyShelf.com says:
"And so goes David Leonhardt's wonderful book. Page by page, the reader learns to appreciate what life has dealt him and how to make the best of his situation. If you are searching for a happiness that seems to elude you, pick up this book, and you might just learn how to find it."

Montreal Review of Books says:
" ... his directives are meant to address the things we actually can change in our lives... His nine habits are achievable. All this is delivered with pop quizzes, stories and quotable quotes. A great spring pick-me-up."

The Compulsive Reader says:
"This compilation of motivating references makes the reading worthwhile. I even found myself quoting his theories from time to time."

The Writer’s Room gives it five stars!
"Climb Your Stairway to Heaven is easy-to-read and very well-written. It is 244 pages full of fun reading and learning."

Author Carolyn Howard-Johnson says:
"You won't nod off when you're reading this one. David Leonhardt, the author, can write! This man knows what he is talking about. And this guy is wholly, totally and completely an upper of the unmedicated kind."

The Empowerment International Group says:
"This book is filled with much wisdom on maximizing happiness in your life through wonderful stories and humor. It is well laid out and a very easy read. ... The quotes are original, different and refreshing. Highly recommended."

Arising Arts “Catazine” says:
"Yours was the best of the self-help books we received for review at Arising Arts. ... an inordinate number of the books we received fall in the self-help category ..."

Lionel Ketchian (HappinessClub.com) says:
"It is a truly wonderful book, full of insights by an author and his wife discovering and living the principles of happiness in their daily lives."

Obscurity Unlimited says:
"I think the best review I can give this book is that I'm reading it word for word and I'm going to keep reading it even though I've already written the review. It's good writing."

Amazon.com says:
Well, actually, Amazon.com didn’t say anything about Climb your Stairway to Heaven: the 9 habits of maximum happiness. But true happiness for an author is when several satisfied readers post reviews. Read testimonials on this happiness book at Amazon.com.

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David Leonhardt
The Happy Guy

Motivational keynote speaker

“I can, without reservation, recommend David Leonhardt as a public speaker.”

Rhonda Glenn,
Crossroads TV talk show host.

“David Leonhardt delivers powerful, useful and motivating messages. I highly recommend this dynamic and energetic speaker.”

Philip Taylor,
President, Varsity Promotions

“His highly energetic and personal manner connects immediately with his audience with ongoing responses, which knocked our socks off. We left the event with something to talk about and a smile on our faces.”

Phil Trudelle,
President, Legal Services Plan Inc.

“Your presentation was very well received by our members and the audience participation was lively and most enjoyable.”

Daniel Walker Sullivan,
Rotary Club of Buffalo.

“CAA’s new high profile started about 18 months ago when the Ontario chapter hired David Leonhardt as its first full-time lobbyist.”

The London Free Press

“I enjoyed your presentation and I really liked how you interacted with the audience.”

Peter Merrick,
Chairperson, IT Universit-e

“You were a dynamic, energetic speaker.”

Bruce Gravel,
Instructor, Ryerson University

“The presentation was much appreciated by all those in attendance.”

Chie Shin Fraser, Executive Director, Ontario Institute of the PMAC

“David Leonhardt did an excellent job of making a difficult subject accessible to a broad audience.”

Roger Roy,
CTRF conference organizer

“Your media training session was useful in arming us with the knowledge needed to deal with the press.”

Robert Black,
President, CIPS Toronto

“David, thank you very much for coming and speaking to our group. I know that your speech was appreciated and enjoyed by all.”

Catharine Rampersad, Toronto Area Library Technicians’ Association

“David Leonhardt, the dedicated and creative head of public and government relations for the CAA Ontario office, …”

Jim Kenzie,
Toronto Star columnist